Cooling liquid

Car manufacturers are being forced to change the refrigerant used in the air conditioning system over the next few years. The EU has decided that the refrigerant used for the past 20 years is less environmentally friendly than a refrigerant with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). Initially the response was to use carbon dioxide gas (CO2) to cool the car. This is actually possible but resulted in very poor results in areas where the temperature is high, like the Sahara – exactly the sort of place where AC is required. This would result in more fuel being used to cool the car – not exactly what we would want nor would that be very environmentally desirable.

HF0-1234yf (pronounced as 12 34 y f) is the refrigerant chosen to achieve this object. Originally planned to start in 2011 the start date was delayed for 2 years because the supplies of this refrigerant were so restricted. Supplies of this R1234yf are now available but it is extremely expensive. Although expected to reduce in price eventually it is forecast to always be much more expensive than the existing refrigerant RI 34a.

The only cars which must use this new refrigerant as at November 2013 are those completely re-designed since 2011 but by 2017 every new car must use this new refrigerant. As R1234yf uses similar components and pressures to the existing RI 34a systems I expect that the owner of one of these new cars will not need to worry about an AC recharge until about spring 2016 at the very earliest. Unless he has an accident though.

The body shop that repairs his car must ensure that the refrigerant in the AC system is carefully recovered before repairs to the AC system can be made and then accurately replaced so that on return to the owner the AC works as before. As this refrigerant is slightly flammable it may also be necessary to remove the refrigerant even if the AC system is not damaged before any other damage to the car can be resprayed as the car has to then go into a low-bake oven which with a refrigerant which is flammable may be potentially dangerous. Thatcham may require that. Many virtually brand new cars have to be repaired as a result of an accident in the first few weeks after purchase Just be carefull with that new car out there.

This HF01234yf has been very controversial so far. All refrigerants have advantages and disadvantages and the trick is to achieve an acceptable balance. Usually it a question of balancing the efficiency and safety against the environmental acceptability. Some very efficient refrigerants with a low GWP are very flammable. R12 and R134a were efficient and were not flammable at all but had environmental concerns. HF01234yf has a low GWP and works like R134a but is very slightly flammable and this concerned some German car manufacturers. Cost for recharging with R1234YF are very much higher than for R134A.

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Cooling liquid

Even a good working air con leaks about 8% of cooling liquid every year.

Unfresh smell

An air con can smell unfresh because after a while bacteria and mould attach to the evaporator.


Use your air con at least once a week. This helps to
keep your air con in good working order.


1 to 2 years on parts.

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