Service on Hybrid & Electric A/C Systems.


A/C on HYBRID/ELECTRIC VEHICLES- WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW….Besides the fact that R1234yf and R134a are in both ELECTRIC VEHICLES and HYBRID vehicles.

A/C systems on EV and HYBRIDS remain an area of concern. We have been getting an increasing number of questions regarding the procedures. OEM requirements on the servicing and repairs of these systems. These systems have HV electrical-driven compressors rather than the conventional belt-driven type.

1. DO NOT attempt DIY service on these A/C systems with disposable cans.

2. HV systems have the same service ports as standard systems.

3. HV compressors require POE oils which is non-conductive.

4. A/C equipment that has been used on conventional AC systems can contaminate the HV-powered system.

5. As little as 1% standard PAG oil from a conventional ac system can damage the HV components.

6 A straight forward approach to AVOID CROSS-CONTAMINATION ….ask is the machine HYBRID/ELECTRICAL compatible and proof of FLUSHING of machine before been used on your vehicle.

7.All our machines have flushing kits inbuilt for EV/HYBRID systems

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