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Hello .Welcome to Vehicle Air conditioning repair Centre. I’m Richard Salt founder and owner of the business in 2000… WOW twenty one years already, time flies. Automotive air-conditioning is a ever changing business, with the introduction of new refrigerants Hybrid and electric vehicles…it doesn’t stand still !!. neither do we. Our workshop is fully equipped to handle old and new refrigerants, electric and hybrid vehicles, our vans are fully equipped to handle all mobile jobs just as easily.

We will only use, sell/service WAECO service charging stations as they are a premium brand recommended by vehicle manufactures from cars, trucks, buses, to plant equipment and trains. We were the first and only vehicle air conditioning to offer mobile air conditioning servicing at your home or work [still are] since 2001. A lot of our business is with Accident Repair Centres, Franchise Dealerships, Independent Garages. Haulage fleet .Bus Companies.

We like to keep things as simple as possible for YOU the customer. Thanks again for visiting Vehicle Air conditioning Repair Centre.



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What’s the best way to run my air conditioning?

Turn the air conditioning on, ensuring that it’s not set to ‘economy mode. When you first get into a hot car, open the windows, ensure that the air vents are set to face level and the system is set up to do the same, not pointed at your feet. Remember cold air falls. Turn the temperature to as low as it will go, and the blower as high as possible. Also, make sure that the air is on ‘recirc’ mode and not taking air from outside. Better to cool already cooled air !! When the temperature is more comfortable, close the windows and increase the temperature to a more suitable level as well as decreasing the blower speed. You should also point the air vents upwards to ensuring the cold air flows down again.


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