VARC offer the full range of auto air conditioning servicing and repairs.we have a fully equipped workshop with the latest A/C testing equipment.we are Fgas certified and have been audited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).and are members of IRI [ institute of refrigeration ireland] The services we provide are completed by fully trained staff who have completed A/C coarses in Ireland and UK,[HELLA and AUTOCLIMATE] in A/C diagnostic and climate control operations.

We offer a professional and friendly service to body shops.main dealers, and local garages, and the general public.

We offer a complete mobile A/C service to your home or work at a time that suits the customer.

Our parts department can offer you all the parts/service that you require for you vehicle A/C and cooling system at an affordable price using OEM parts or aftermarket parts.

So if you need a degas or service on the new R1234yf or the old R134a just call our team on 021-4518438.

Vehicle air conditioning. This is not only for cooling air the in the car in summer but also to dehumidify the hot air in winter to demist windows. The Demist control switches the AC on automatically. If the aircon is not working correctly the air will not be dried and this hot, but still moist air will not actively demist the windscreen effectively.

We service, troubleshoot, repair and recharge the airconditioning systems of cars and other vehicles.

We concentrate only on the air conditioning system although we are occasionally forced to stray into heater problems if that is affecting the AC. Similarly we sometimes need to look for electrical faults if they are preventing the correct operation of the AC system.

We do not dabble with Refrigeration or with the airconditioning of buildings of any kind. We are pure specialists in the aircon of vehicles whether they be cars, trucks, combine harvesters, agricultural tractors, coaches or plant.

We specialize to the extent that we do not even get involved in new installations of AC into cars – only the diagnosis of problems, and the repair and recharging of existing systems. If however, you need a new system added to your car, with our experience we may be able to direct you to a suitable source – we are happy to offer advice where we are able. Please call Richard on one of the booking numbers.

We genuinely believe that it will frequently be cheaper for the owner to have a poorly performing aircon seen to by a specialist such as ourselves or another AC specialist rather than to simply have the car gassed up by the cheapest method available and often then have to go to a specialist once the refrigerant has escaped. If a fault is discovered we can frequently make a repair to many faulty components or AC hose rather than resort to a wholly new part fitted by a main agent. If a new part is required we have access to many new parts at considerably lower cost than from most other outlets.

We offer three things that you might not get elsewhere –

  1. Expertise – We’ve been doing this for quite a while so most problems are not completely new to us.
  2. Equipment – We need quite large vans to accomodate all the equipment that we use.
  3. Mobile Services to your home or workplace. 7days a week [Summer Time 8am-10pm]

By operating a mobile service we believe that you benefit from specialist knowledge and equipment without costing any more more than a garage who may be good but still inexperienced in this specialized subject.

Cooling liquid

Even a good working air con leaks about 8% of cooling liquid every year.

Unfresh smell

An air con can smell unfresh because after a while bacteria and mould attach to the evaporator.


Use your air con at least once a week. This helps to
keep your air con in good working order.


1 to 2 years on parts.

Same Day Service

Need same day service? We can servie your A/C today.